Haunted Mansion Halloween event

I had a dream a few weeks ago that, when I awoke from it, had felt so real, I knew I’d need to write it down on the blog.  It’s taken me a little bit of time, but here it is!

(image found on the Walt Disney World website)

The Haunted Mansion Halloween event will be a seasonal dinner show offered in the months of September and October.  On each night of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (32 nights), there will be a separately ticketed dinner show available in the Magic Kingdom.

10977560946_333dacc65a_b(photo by Brett Kiger, found here)

Guests will receive an invitation to attend the wedding of Constance Hatchaway and her fiancé, which will change each week to encourage more merchandise opportunities.  Having different would-be husbands also adds to the repeatability factor of the event.  Guests will want to see how each wedding changes from week to week in their themes, the music, dancing, food, etc.


The dinner itself will take place in a ballroom, set up as closely as possible to Disney’s ballroom from the Haunted Mansion, that is built adjacent to the current ride building, so guests truly feel like they are walking into the attraction.  Live actors will perform music, dance for the dining guests in period costumes, and after the food has been collected, will encourage guests to come up onstage (on the ballroom floor) and interact with them.  Two actors will even reenact the duel from the paintings above the ballroom.

Of course, this was all a dream, but Disney Imagineers, if you decide to add this to the Magic Kingdom, give me a call and I’ll let you know more details.  🙂







Disney Dream Jobs

I was listening to the Por Favor Podcast earlier this evening, and the were talking about Disney dream jobs.  As I heard each of their answers, I thought about what my top five dream jobs would be at Walt Disney World.


169    Really, think about it.  The person in charge of the fireworks each night?  How amazing of a job would that be?  Yes, it would be stressful working with explosives, on a program that thousands of people are going to see every night, but it would be worth it.  To be the person that loads and sets up the IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth “inferno barge”… wow.

IllumiNations-_Reflections_of_Earth_Inferno_Barge_-_Daytime(image can be found here)


Haunted Mansion cast member


    I’ve always loved that the cast members are a bit creepy.  They really help to put you in the right mood for the Haunted Mansion before you even step inside.  The deadpan humor is perfect for the attraction that follows, and who wouldn’t love saying things like “please move to the DEAD center of the room” while staring, unblinkingly, at tourists.  I’m also 6’10”, which would just help me seem a little scarier as I slowly pace back and forth, inviting guests into the Mansion.


VIP Tour Guide

    This is the one that I can come closest to already.  I don’t work for Disney, and I don’t get paid to give tours, but when I’m at Walt Disney World with my family, my nerdy knowledge can come out.  “Did you know that the carriage posts on Mainstreet USA are painted about 4 times a year?  Or that Pumba, from the Lion King, is the first Disney character to fart”?  (Yes, I tell different stories based on the people that I’m with)  Now if I could just get paid for my strange recollection of Disney stories and knowledge… I’d be pretty happy to get to wear a plaid vest!


Face Character


(photo can be found here)

    Okay, so I’ve always wanted to be Belle.  Just kidding.  But the same movie… Gaston.  Yes, he’s a villain, yes, he’s obnoxious, rude, “positively primeval”, but he would be a great character role.  Imagine walking around New Fantasyland posing for pictures with people while sporting a huge grin, giant muscles (I’d maybe have to work on those a little bit), and clomping around in big boots.  I’m tall.  I’m rugged.  I’m handsome.  I could totally be Gaston.  (*okay, at least one of those descriptors is real…)



(please tell me you know who this is…)

    This is definitely the top job I could imagine at Walt Disney World.  To be able to think about, design, create, build, implement, etc. at WDW would be a difficult but incredibly rewarding job.  The variety of jobs Imagineer do is simply amazing, from huge projects: coming up with a new theme park, such as Animal Kingdom, to tiny details: put leaves, footprints, and other marks in the walkway to make it look old and worn.  They plan a park, and the rides inside it, and the ride vehicles, as well as designing the queue for the ride, and even traveling to far off places to buy actual ‘set pieces’ for those rides.  While there are obvious financial and physical constraints (as well as many others, I’m sure), to have a job that lets you use creativity to update or create new theme park attractions, hotels, restaurants, and many other things would be absolutely amazing.

(By the way, that picture is of Joe Rohde, lead Imagineer, and is from his Twitter account)



What do you think your top Disney dream jobs would be?  Leave a comment below!

Alright, I’m back!

After being out of the country, being sick a couple times, and getting ready for a new baby (3 weeks away!), I’m back on wordpress!

So, what should my next post be about?

a: Joe Rohde and his trip to Mongolia

b: Update on Avatarland and Animal Kingdom

c: Haunted Mansion review/info/etc

d: Walt Disney World rumors

New Orleans Square

I will typically be writing about Walt Disney World, but today I wanted to mention a little something about Disneyland.  On this date, in 1966, New Orleans Square opened for the first time, with fanfare and appearances from Walt Disney and the mayor of the actual New Orleans, Victor Schiro.

When New Orleans Square opened, there were no attractions (yet).  It was a series of themed streets that included dining and shopping, with stores such as the One-Of-A-Kind store, and places where visitors could purchase furniture, gold jewelry, and even design their own perfume.

The Attractions

In 1967, nearly a year after New Orleans Square opened to visitors, the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction began letting people enter into the world of piracy.  Two years later, in August of 1969, the Haunted Mansion opened.  Considered classics of Disneyland and Walt Disney World, they have been ‘plussed’ a number of times in their roughly 45 years of existence.

The apartment

Walt Disney wanted a place to entertain VIP guests who would frequent the park, so he commissioned what became known as the Royal Suite, an apartment of sorts, to be built with an entrance on Royal Street in New Orleans Square.  He hired the set designer from Gone With the Wind, and his wife Lily collaborated with set designers to make the living space perfect.  Unfortunately, Walt passed away before the suite was completed, and it was re-purposed as hospitality suite for an insurance company.  In the late 1980s, it became the Disney Gallery, and guests were treated to works by Disney artists until 2007.  Since then, it has been turned into the Disney Dream Suite, a special place where select guests can spend the night in Disneyland.

Have a great July 24th!