A Disney Giveaway (idea)

Last year (two days ago), I read about Disney’s January 2015 giveaway: head to http://www.disneyflipside.com, register and sign in, and you are entered to win a 5 day 4 night stay at Walt Disney World, airfare included (if you live more than 250 miles away), a $500 gift card, and one of those nights would be in the Cinderella Castle Suite!  That night I had an idea for a yearly Disney giveaway, so Disney PR – pay attention, this one’s a good one!

HomeMade Disney

    Every month for one year, The Disney Company will give away prizes for the best homemade video that fits into their chosen category.  Each month, the category will change…
January is “Winter Fun, Disney Style
dis01 - winter
(photo found here)

February is “New Attractions, New Fun

March is “Getting To Disney
dis - getting

April is “The Magic of Disney

May is “A Disney Surprise
dis - surprise
(this photo is a screenshot of this video, which so cute)

June is “Summer Fun, Disney Style
dis06 - summer

July is “Patriotic Disney
dis07 - patriotic

August is “Our Disney History
dis - history

September is “Fall Fun, Disney Style
dis09 - fall

October is “Spooky Disney
dis10 - halloween2

November is “Thankful For…
dis11 - thanks2

December is “Holidays at Disney
dis12 - holidays

There will  be different levels of videos to choose from… corporate/business, professional videographers, semi-professional, and amateur.  The prizes given away will vary for each group.  A corporation, business or professional videographer that wins the monthly contest will be given $5,000 to give to a charity of their (and Disney’s) choice. Semi-professional videographers will be given a Disney vacation and new camera equipment.  Amateurs will receive a Disney vacation as well as a cash prize.

The videos will be chosen by Disney based on how well they fit with the monthly category, how well they promote the spirit and ideals of the company, and how popular they are with Disney fans.  At the end of the year, the twelve winners will be put in a head to head contest, and one amateur video will be chosen to play during the Disney Christmas Parade and one professional video at the Superbowl.

What do you think?  If you were in charge of a year of Disney promotions, what would you choose to do?  Leave your ideas in the comments section below!

**I am in no way affiliated with Disney, and this is an IDEA, not an actual giveaway.**
Any pictures not credited are my own, from the Disney website or are available on public domain