365 Days of Kitchen Sinks

sin584232LARGE(Picture from the Walt Disney World website)

If you were to eat a kitchen sink (okay, if your group of family or friends) every single day for an entire year…

It would cost:
$11,263.90 (including tax)
$13,291.40 (including tax and an 18% gratuity)

You would eat:
11.4 gallons of hot fudge topping
11.4 gallons of peanut butter topping
11.4 gallons of butterscotch topping
365 bananas
365 cinnamon spice cupcakes
365 angel food cake cupcakes
Ice Cream Freezer Room
(image found here)
22.8 gallons of vanilla ice cream
22.8 gallons of chocolate ice cream
22.8 gallons of strawberry ice cream
11.4 gallons of mint chocolate chip ice cream
11.4 gallons of coffee ice cream
4.28 gallons of chocolate syrup
(image found here)
5.7 gallons of marshmallow crème
5.7 gallons of strawberry topping
5.7 gallons of pineapple topping
319.4 pounds of dairy whipped topping
(image found here)
91.25 square feet of brownies (365 brownies)
45.625 pounds of candy bars (365 candy bars)
1,460 chocolate cookies with cream filling
1.4 gallons of toasted almonds
1.4 gallons of dark and white chocolate shavings
1.4 gallons of chocolate cookie (crushed)
(image found here)
1.4 gallons of jellied oranges (730 slices)
1.4 gallons of mint chocolate chips
1.4 gallons of peanut butter chips
1.4 gallon of chocolate sprinkles
1.4 gallons of rainbow sprinkles
01lensNYC.480(image found here)
11.4 gallons of maraschino cherries


Running At Disney – What would you like to see?

RunDisney in the last few years has exploded in popularity, with more people running in more races than ever before (and those races are selling out faster than they ever have).  These are the races they currently have planned:

Wes and Kayla Marathon

First two weekends in January
Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend
Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend (Disneyland)

runDisney princess
(picture available here)

Middle of February
Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend (Walt Disney World)

tinkerbell half

First two weekends in May
Expedition Everest Challenge Weekend (Walt Disney World)
Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend (Disneyland)

First weekend in September
Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend


First two weekends in November
Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend (Walt Disney World)
Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon (Disneyland)

This year, they do not have a Tower of Terror 10 Miler (many people are guessing it’s because of an expansion coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios).

I was thinking about what types of races I would like to see (in a serious way, as well as some fun runs that would never happen but would be amazing).  I asked a few people on Twitter as well, and got a lot of responses from a parody account called @runnDisney (notice the two Ns in the name).

(This image is from Cava Del Tequila)

Tequila 10k – Starting in Epcot at the Mexico pavilion, runners have to consume a different shot of tequila each time they pass by (6 laps makes 6.18 miles, a 10k).

A cat friendly race – unnamed yet.  But anyone who can put a cat on a leash and then get them to a finish line without dying deserves a medal!

The Backlot Tour 5k, Maelstrom 5k, American Idol Experience 5k and Sorcerer’s Hat 10k – each time Disney closes an attraction, they should have a race first, in honor of / remembrance of the attraction.  Get tickets while the last!

If you were in charge of coming up with the next RunDisney event, what would your distance and theme be?  Please leave a comment below!

Frozen; or Should I Take Young Kids To a Movie


Short answer: yes… maybe…

When Frozen came out on November 27th, nearly two months ago, I was troubled.  I really wanted to see this movie, especially after hearing reviews from friends, but I have a two year old (Rya) and an infant (Tinsley).  My wife and I didn’t yet feel comfortable leaving our one month old with a babysitter yet, and didn’t think our two year old would be able to sit through a feature length movie (we don’t have cable at home, so she’s not used to staring at a screen)…

As time passed, we decided to watch a few movies at home to see if my two year old would be able to focus on them, starting with Finding Nemo.  I must say, Rya was amazing.  She loved the characters, especially Dory, and followed along the entire time, albeit standing and moving around our living room occasionally.  We followed it up with Princess and the Frog (thanks for the Christmas gift, dad) and Louis was Rya’s favorite in that one.

In order to prep her, and just because the songs are great, we listened to music from Frozen and watched videos that Disney Animation had released on their YouTube Channel.  Rya’s favorite two are Let It Go and In Summer.  (click the titles to watch)  When we watched videos, we’d share the names of the characters so she’d be familiar with them when it came time to see them on the big screen.  All Rya talked about for a few days was Princess Elsa and Princess Anna (she’s always said she and Tinsley are princesses, and dad’s a pirate…  I’ve trained her well!)

(images can be found here)

My wife and I went to see Frozen last week for our first time, and when we finished, we both said Rya would really like it.  The only objection might have been Marshmallow, the giant snowman that chases after the characters after the throw a snowball at him, but we figured it was a short time, and she’d be okay.  

(image can be found here)

The final thing we did was talk to her about what to expect inside the theater.  We let her know it would be dark, there would probably be a lot of other people around, and that we had to whisper while we sat.  

When it came time to actually head to the theater, Rya was incredibly excited: this would be her first movie on a big big big big screen!  We didn’t tell her about the popcorn, and let that be a surprise for her.  I got that as mom took her to go potty one last time before heading in to the theater.  We were so glad we did, as at least ten kids had to leave at some point during the film (but not ours!).  The theater was pretty full (especially considering it’s Frozen’s 8th week in theaters), but we found three seats, and set our daughter in the middle.

So how did she do?  Very well!  As the Mickey Mouse short started before the movie, she shouted “That’s Mickey Mouse!”, and we reminded her to whisper, and she said ok.  Each and every time a song started that we had listened to at home, she’d turn to me or her mom and whisper “I like that” or “I sing that” with a big smile across her face.  And did she like Elsa and Anna?  Yup.  But her favorite character? Sven!  She even said to me “Sven is like Reesie” (the more playful of our two dogs).  In the last fifteen minutes of the film, she got a little bit antsy, and moved from mom’s lap to dad’s and then stood in the row, but all while watching the movie.

(image can be found here)

So my tips for taking a young child to a movie?

1 Familiarize them with the characters, songs, and story if that may help
2 Build it up as an exciting event
3 Let them know about how to act in a theater
4 Be prepared early (go to the bathroom before, get your popcorn, beverages (water), etc)
5 Every child is different, and every movie is different.  You know your child better than anyone else.

When would you take a child to their first movie?  And what was your first movie?  Please leave a comment below!


A few other perspectives

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My first ‘give-away’

Hey everyone!

I’m just getting started, jumping into this blog, twitter, etc.  And I know from my own experience that I like getting random things from people.  Sooo – my 100th follower on Twitter will be getting a Disney card in the mail from me – sent to anywhere in the world.  

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I’m hoping as time goes on to give away more impressive items, but I’m hoping a hand written card from a giant Disney nerd is enough to get a few more likes.

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Online funding

I have created a site online where you may, if you wish, donate to help my family spend 365 Days At Disney.  http://www.gofundme.com/3tgzdk

As it states on the site: if through donations and my own money, I am unable to raise enough to go, any money donated will go to the Dream Team Project, which helps children and their families go to Walt Disney World through the Make-A-Wish foundation.

A night in Epcot

I obviously love the entire set of Disney parks, and picking a favorite would be like picking a favorite child… but I wanted to share one of the things I like best about spending an evening at one specific park: Epcot.

The park is open each evening until the 9:00 pm Illuminations, the nightly show that takes place in the World Showcase Lagoon.Image

BUT, my favorite thing to do at Epcot is AFTER Illuminations has ended.  As nearly everyone else around the park heads toward the exits, I love to stay in the park and take the long way around.  You get to experience the park in a way few people have: empty.


Morocco is one of the most undiscovered countries in Epcot.  There are pathways that lead you all the way to the back, with hidden shops, great architecture, and a wonderful restaurant.Image

China (yes, I know, this is out of order) has some great reflections at night, which is fitting after viewing Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.


The restaurants in France will stay open late if guests are still inside enjoying meals, bottles of wine and good company.


I love the view of Spaceship Earth when viewed from Japan, but some think taking a picture through the Japanese torii is cliche.  Taking a picture that is different from everyone else’s is hopefully not so.


The next time you head to Epcot, stay a while.  Enjoy yourself.  And when everyone else is leaving, relax, pull up a seat, and visit the countries in a way few people have.

Flowers and Trees, Magic and Aerosmith

What do these three things have in common?  Well, they all premiered on this date in Disney history!

Flowers and Trees
Disney’s first full color animated film premiered at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in 1932, 81 years ago today!  Flowers and Trees told the story of two male trees (a healthy living one and an ugly old stump) wanting the affection of a female tree.  The old stump started a fire, and ended up getting burned (pun intended).  It was originally done in black and white, but when Walt Disney saw a Technicolor test strip by Herbert Kalmus, he decided to scrap the black and white and add color to the short animation.  The efforts paid off, and Flowers and Trees won the first award for “Best Animated Short Film”.

15 years ago, in 1998, the first of Disney’s cruise ships, the Disney Magic launched.  It was the first of four Disney cruise ships, and typically sails out of Nassau, in the Bahamas.  This fall, the Disney Magic will be getting some renovations, including the Aqua-Dunk, a waterslide that drops guests over the edge of the ship.

One year later, in 1999, the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith began operation at Disney-MGM Studios, now Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  You, the guest, are watching Aerosmith rehearse for a concert, when they realize they are running late and have to leave immediately.  Rather than leave their fans behind, they order a super stretch limousine to speed through LA and get you to the concert on time.  There are six ‘limousines’, five of which are on track at any given time, and each one plays specific songs throughout the roughly three minute ride.  Going up to 60 miles per hour, and featuring three inversions, the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith is the only Disney attraction to go upside-down.

Have a great July 30th!