Blog Topic Ideas

While I’m not able to write much this summer (it’s hard not having a computer), please follow me on Twitter: @365daysofdisney to chat, ask questions, interact, etc.

Topics that will be posted this summer/fall:

Trail’s End Buffet review
Bringing Young Ones to Disney
Fort Wilderness Cabins
How to Beat the Heat at Walt Disney World
The Future of Hollywood Studios
When’s the Best Time to Go To Walt Disney World?
DVC – Is it Really Worth It?

What topics would you like to see talked about in an upcoming post?


Summer posts

I am in New York this summer with my family.  My laptop, however, is in South Dakota.  Posting on WordPress won’t be easy, but I have a lot of post ideas, pictures and information to share from our trip to Walt a Disney World three weeks ago!

Here’s hoping the iPad wordpress app works.

  (My daughter’s favorite ride: the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train)

Walt Disney World

I haven’t updated this in a long time. But, summer is here, we’re at Walt Disney Worle right now, and I’m taking lots of pictures to post for articles written over the course of the summer. 

Please check back over the next few months for some new and exciting posts!

Running At Disney – What would you like to see?

RunDisney in the last few years has exploded in popularity, with more people running in more races than ever before (and those races are selling out faster than they ever have).  These are the races they currently have planned:

Wes and Kayla Marathon

First two weekends in January
Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend
Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend (Disneyland)

runDisney princess
(picture available here)

Middle of February
Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend (Walt Disney World)

tinkerbell half

First two weekends in May
Expedition Everest Challenge Weekend (Walt Disney World)
Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend (Disneyland)

First weekend in September
Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend


First two weekends in November
Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend (Walt Disney World)
Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon (Disneyland)

This year, they do not have a Tower of Terror 10 Miler (many people are guessing it’s because of an expansion coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios).

I was thinking about what types of races I would like to see (in a serious way, as well as some fun runs that would never happen but would be amazing).  I asked a few people on Twitter as well, and got a lot of responses from a parody account called @runnDisney (notice the two Ns in the name).

(This image is from Cava Del Tequila)

Tequila 10k – Starting in Epcot at the Mexico pavilion, runners have to consume a different shot of tequila each time they pass by (6 laps makes 6.18 miles, a 10k).

A cat friendly race – unnamed yet.  But anyone who can put a cat on a leash and then get them to a finish line without dying deserves a medal!

The Backlot Tour 5k, Maelstrom 5k, American Idol Experience 5k and Sorcerer’s Hat 10k – each time Disney closes an attraction, they should have a race first, in honor of / remembrance of the attraction.  Get tickets while the last!

If you were in charge of coming up with the next RunDisney event, what would your distance and theme be?  Please leave a comment below!

365 Days At Disney – how can you help?


As the new year hits, many people think about resolutions, goals they want to accomplish for the year.  Here is mine for 2015.  By the end of this year, I plan to raise enough money to spend one year at Walt Disney World, moving to Orlando in May or June of 2016.

How can YOU help?

Donate: Obviously, if you have $36,000 you’d like to give away, I’m happy to take if off your hands.  Later this week, an online funding site will go live with my information and ways that you can donate any amount.  If enough is raised, this project will be a go.  If I don’t reach my goal amount, the money donated will be given to a great organization, Give Kids The World.

Spread the word: The way this is going to work is by reaching out to as many people as I can.  Do you have Facebook, a Twitter account, online blog, podcast, or other social media site where you’d be willing to share about 365DaysAtDisney?  The more exposure I get, the more likely funds will be raised.  I am available for emailed correspondence, interviews, etc.

An update on our family


I still work for a school district in South Dakota.  My wife left her position there to open up an in-home daycare for the children of teachers (so we have the same weekends, vacations and winter and summer break).  Our daughters are now one and three years old.

An update on logistics


If we start our 365 Days At Disney in the summer of 2016, it would not change anything with our eldest’s education, she won’t miss any school.  My wife is still very excited for the idea, but has realistically stated that it either needs to happen soon, or not until we are retired.  I’ve looked at apartments in Orlando as close to Walt Disney World as possible, and we as a family have created a budget that includes everything we would need to get by for one year.

An update on the end goal

I still plan to blog each day that I am at Walt Disney World, as well as vlog or start a podcast.  Later this month, I will be contacting several publishing companies about the possibility of a book, to see what interest there may be.  My wife has also said that she’d like to write about the family dynamics of spending a year at Walt Disney World, and how it (hopefully) strengthens us as a family.

If you have any questions, comments, ideas, or other ways you can help, please email me ( or leave a comment below!

A Disney Giveaway (idea)

Last year (two days ago), I read about Disney’s January 2015 giveaway: head to, register and sign in, and you are entered to win a 5 day 4 night stay at Walt Disney World, airfare included (if you live more than 250 miles away), a $500 gift card, and one of those nights would be in the Cinderella Castle Suite!  That night I had an idea for a yearly Disney giveaway, so Disney PR – pay attention, this one’s a good one!

HomeMade Disney

    Every month for one year, The Disney Company will give away prizes for the best homemade video that fits into their chosen category.  Each month, the category will change…
January is “Winter Fun, Disney Style
dis01 - winter
(photo found here)

February is “New Attractions, New Fun

March is “Getting To Disney
dis - getting

April is “The Magic of Disney

May is “A Disney Surprise
dis - surprise
(this photo is a screenshot of this video, which so cute)

June is “Summer Fun, Disney Style
dis06 - summer

July is “Patriotic Disney
dis07 - patriotic

August is “Our Disney History
dis - history

September is “Fall Fun, Disney Style
dis09 - fall

October is “Spooky Disney
dis10 - halloween2

November is “Thankful For…
dis11 - thanks2

December is “Holidays at Disney
dis12 - holidays

There will  be different levels of videos to choose from… corporate/business, professional videographers, semi-professional, and amateur.  The prizes given away will vary for each group.  A corporation, business or professional videographer that wins the monthly contest will be given $5,000 to give to a charity of their (and Disney’s) choice. Semi-professional videographers will be given a Disney vacation and new camera equipment.  Amateurs will receive a Disney vacation as well as a cash prize.

The videos will be chosen by Disney based on how well they fit with the monthly category, how well they promote the spirit and ideals of the company, and how popular they are with Disney fans.  At the end of the year, the twelve winners will be put in a head to head contest, and one amateur video will be chosen to play during the Disney Christmas Parade and one professional video at the Superbowl.

What do you think?  If you were in charge of a year of Disney promotions, what would you choose to do?  Leave your ideas in the comments section below!

**I am in no way affiliated with Disney, and this is an IDEA, not an actual giveaway.**
Any pictures not credited are my own, from the Disney website or are available on public domain

Planning our ‘first’ trip to Walt Disney World


A lot has happened in the last week: our family has been trying for a while to figure out the best time to make another trip to Walt Disney World, and we’ve decided that mid to late May will work best with our schedules. I call this a ‘first’ trip to Walt Disney World because there will be a lot of firsts…  We’re staying at the Fort Wilderness Campground (first time in a cabin at WDW), we’re sharing our cabin with my parents (hopefully a good first?), we’ve never been in May (we usually visit in January), and this will be the first trip for our daughters, who are one and three!

We have the room, park tickets, and airfare booked, but now it comes to the dining reservations and FastPass+ reservations.  I’m a planner, and as you can tell by the fact that I have a Disney themed blog, a pretty big Disney nerd, but knowing in December where we’ll want be and what we’ll want to ride 153 days in the future with a toddler and a three year old is pretty tricky.

There will be a number of updates coming with thoughts, tips, ideas, etc. while we plan for our nine day trip, including the use of MyDisneyExperience (the app), how to prepare a three year old ready for her first Disney trip, what restaurants and attractions to look for with kids, and more.

Have you been to Walt Disney World or Disneyland with a toddler?  Are there certain rides, restaurants reservations, or restrictions you think we should know about before we go?  What was your experience like?  Leave a comment below!