The end for now

Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for following dollowing one as I’ve written posts here for the last few years.

Life sometimes gets in the way if dreams, andfor now, that she the case. I’ve spent  lot of time dreaming about Disney; going there, working there, sharing it with others, but I’ve been neglecting my own family and their needs.    My wife and I are not in a good place right now. And I am hoping that by focusing more on her and real life and less on writing random blog posts to strangers on the internet, she will continue to be my wife.

For the time being, this will be an official break from the blog, twitter, podcasts, etc. I hope to return some time in the future as a stronger person with a fully supportive partner who feels that all of her needs are being met before I focus my time and energy on Disney.

Thanks, it’s been great.


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