A Frozen Attraction – ideas from around the web

NOTE: This post was started some time in the past, and recently appeared as unpublished….

For the last week, I’ve been posting a question on my twitter account (@365DaysOfDisney): if you were to create a Frozen attraction at Walt Disney World, what would you do?  If YOU have an idea, please leave a comment on this post!


 – Olaf slip and slide ride. Like on his belly. Smaller. More for kids. Barnstormers but longer and cuter.  I have a whole frozen expansion set up in my head for MK. It’s pretty pathetic.
 – Re-theme Tike’s Peak at Blizzard Beach into Olaf’s snowman-in-summer gag and then let us never speak of Frozen again.
 – blizzard beach should just be refurbished into Frozen summer? Rubbish name haha
 – I’ve been saying at least the Winterland/Summerland golf should be converted to extra Olaf-y
 – we’d have to make sure Olaf had his own personal flurry so he doesn’t melt in the burning process
 He can have a block of ice to lounge on.
 I mentioned it on but Blizzard Beach could be completely rethemed to it.
 maybe they could expand Blizzard Beach to add some Frozen-ness into the mix.
 I never thought about expanding blizzard beach! That’s a great idea
 speaking of those options, could reimagine disney quest to add it. It needs a refurb
 isn’t one of the water parks half way there already ?
 How about one where you ride on Olaf like a motorcycle and roundhouse kick the evil snowbeast in the face like ten times
it needs lots of fire. Like “oh man stuff is no longer frozen ITS ON FIRE RUN” and then you start the ride.
 could there be laser guns?
 Thousands. Oh and this would replace Dinosaur too but we wouldn’t get rid of the dinosaur animatronics
  they’d be target practice? Big game hunting on Olaf as he time travels?
 they could do some expanding but will need to make it Scandinavia
 Free fall ride as Marshmallow drops you from the cliff!
The Marshmallow Tower of Terror?
 Olaf invites you if you dare
 and when the elevator doors open, it’s Anna and Elsa’s parents staring at you?  whispering “Elsa, you could have saved us”
 and then at the end of the ride the trolls lecture them for bad parenting skills.  after they’ve broken up a few marriages of the tourists in the ride of course
BRGUEST @BRGUEST39  Three D dark ride
 that takes you through Arendelle?
BR yes and the North Mountain, Oaken’s and harbor.
Wes with a quick pass through the southern isles?
BR yeah lol
 a Frozen overlay of Blizzard Beach seems like a no-brainer. I looking forward to whatever they come up with as long as it isn’t another spinner.
 Maybe a boat ride or a dark ride. Going not through the story but maybe call it “Olafs Adventure” or something
  late to the party, but you got my imagineering juices flowing
  maybe they could replace Disco Yeti with Marshmallow?  OR a stage show that explains relation between Frozen’s Elsa and Incredibles’ Frozone… cousins?
 Old school “Himalaya” type bobsled ride! Complete with DJ playing dance mixes of Let It Go and Love is an Open Door.The place it would really fit would be the Boardwalk. Wouldn’t it be cool to have an attraction there? get rid of the dance club at the end… And create a outside dance club. Can’t you just picture the strings of lights? And an outdoor bar.Over the water would be so cool! There was a dance club at the boardwalk near me that was over water at high tide.
 Currently, Disney has rethemed the Maelstrom Ride into Frozen Ever After, which has proven incredibly popular with Frozen fans.  But, if YOU could add a Frozen attraction anywhere at Walt Disney World, what would it be, and where would you put it?  Leave a comment below!

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