Disney Vacation Club

Over the past few weeks and months, my family has made the decision to buy in to the Disney Vacation Club.  We have purchased 150 points at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.


What is Disney Vacation Club?

Disney Vacation Club, or DVC, is a timeshare.  People have a negative attitude about the term “timeshare” though, so Disney calls it a vacation club, which definitely sounds much nicer.  When you buy points, your points can be used at any Disney Vacation Club resort.  You pick when you want to go, what type of room you want to stay in, and what type of a view you’d like.


Why buy Disney Vacation Club?

We looked at how many times we’ve been to Walt Disney World in the past 10 years (nine times!), and how much we’d spent on lodging for each of those vacations.  We know that in the future, we’d like to keep going every other year or more, and because of that, Disney Vacation Club makes sense.


What are the REAL costs?

Disney is selling point at the Polynesian Village Resort (Walt Disney World) and at Aulani (in Hawaii).  Points are currently $168 each.  Meaning, if you buy in at 150 points, you’ll be paying $25,200.  If you have the cash up front, you end up getting each year’s vacation for about $500, plus the annual dues of $900.   $1,400 a year might sound like a lot, but when you know that it’s for a week at a deluxe resort, for just about the cost of a value, that’s pretty great.

Now, if you decide to pay over 10 years with Disney financing, you end up paying 12.5% interest, so an extra $15,000.  TIP: PAY IT OFF AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN!


What does that mean, though?

The cost per point, over 50 years, ends up being about $9.40 each.  Staying at a deluxe studio at the Animal Kingdom for a week in January would cost 68 points, or about $640 dollars.  A two bedroom suite in January is as low as 185 points, or about $1,740.  Pretty great considering 9 people can stay there and it includes a living room, dining, full kitchen, and washer and dryer.