The cost of staying at Disney for a year

In my quest to figure out a possible budget for spending 365 days at Disney, one of the things my family will need is a place to stay.  While we very early on figured out that staying at an apartment will be the least expensive option, I still wanted to find out what it would cost to stay at various Walt Disney World options for one year.

Now that Disney has posted their prices for the year 2015, I can estimate what a year would cost: January 1st to December 31st.  The least expensive place to stay on property is the Fort Wilderness campsites… but given the fact that my family of four would be there, that is not at all an option.  The next best price: an All Star resort.

So what does an All-Star resort cost for 365 days? For two people, including tax: 50,415.68.




4 thoughts on “The cost of staying at Disney for a year

  1. Oh my, Disney 365 days is THE dream! I can’t even begin to comprehend the constant magical experiences, but would love to try in real life! Ahhhhhh ☺️😍😭

  2. This is rather fascinating. That’s approximately my annual mortgage. Gets me a lot more than a value room, but then, it’s not in Florida 😦

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