A DisneyBound Baby

If you are reading this post, you may already know about the idea of “DisneyBound”… people dressing up, not as actual characters from Disney movies, TV, cartoons, but inspired by them.  There are reddit pages, twitter accounts, facebook pages, Pinterest sites, and more where people post pictures of clothes, or of them in clothes, based on Disney characters.

Disneybound ElsaDisneybound Peter Pan

(these kinds of pictures are all over Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, etc!)

My wife Kayla and I had an idea.  She absolutely loves making crafts, and especially for babies.  She’s made stroller covers, diaper covers, tag blankets, quilts, wall hangings, pillows, all sorts of things.  And we thought: why not combine crafts with our love of Disney?  Kayla had never heard of DisneyBounding until recently, but thought the idea could be really neat to bring to very young children.  If we gave our 9 month old a blanket covered in Disney characters, it would be cute, yes, but what if we had a blanket for her that was ‘inspired by’ Disney characters?  Friends of ours who love Disney might come over and see an orange and black striped blanket and think Tigger, or a Red and black blanket with yellow trim and think Mickey Mouse, but our ‘normal’ friends might not catch on.

Tag Blanket(Image found on HappinessIsHomemade.com)

So, we don’t have pictures of our own items YET, but Kayla is hard at work making a variety of different things.  To start with, they’ll be for our own kids, but if others like them, who knows, we may start an Etsy site.  In a few weeks, we’ll post a whole bunch of our own pictures for you to see!

photo (1)
(This dress was made for @disneylizz, inspired by Snow White)

What do you think?  If you are a parent, or have friends with young kids, toddlers or infants, would you consider Disney inspired clothing, blankets, pillows, etc? Leave a comment below!


3 thoughts on “A DisneyBound Baby

  1. I think its a good idea. People are always looking for different things for baby showers, first gifts, Christmas, etc. Why NOT incorporate Disney ideas in those items? There are many people who love Disney and plenty of people who will be looking for just that right item to give as a gift.

  2. I love love love this! I will definitely be a paret that does this as well since I love crafts and obviously love Disney! In fact, for myself I make bows inspired by Disney characters to go with all of my Disney clothes. It adds extra magic being in a park and hearing kids point out my bows to their mommy and know exactly who it’s suppose to be. I adore it! I look forward to seeing posts of the items you and your wife come up with!

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