Walt Disney World miniature golf part 2 – Fantasia Gardens and Fairways

In this second installment of miniature golf courses at Walt Disney World, I bring to you Fantasia Gardens and Fairways.  This course, like Winter Summerland, features two 18 hole courses.  However, unlike W/S, where the courses are similar but themed differently, at Fantasia Gardens and Fairways, the courses could not be more opposite from each other.


(I swear it’s just blacklight, my wife isn’t really a zombie…)

Fantasia Gardens is more like the kind of miniature golf most of us are probably used to: it is necessary to hit around corners, off the sides, around obstacles, through caves, etc.  As Disney states on it’s website, “Putt your way through 5 whimsical scenes featuring tutu-clad hippos, marching broomsticks and pirouetting ostriches.

Perfect for families and beginner golfers, the Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course invites you to join the reverie as you aim through twirling obstacles, cross fanciful fountains and discover musical surprises. Beware of the broomsticks, ready to douse golfers who pass below!”  The course is perfect for young fans, who, even if they haven’t seen the movie Fantasia, will love the characters and themes spread throughout the 18 holes.  Each hole has music, characters, bright colors, and is named for a particular aspect of the 1940 film.


(picture found on Tripadvisor)

Fantasia Fairways, the more difficult course of the two, is actually one of my favorite miniature golf courses I have ever played on (and I’ve played over 100)!  “Resembling a traditional golf course built on a miniature scale, this course emphasizes skill over chance. Sand traps, bunkers, water hazards and sloping greens make the Fantasia Fairways Miniature Golf Course an exciting challenge, where par-3 and par-5 holes range in length from 63 to 109 feet long.”  


This course is one for actual golfers, and takes real skill to complete.  While younger kids may enjoy it, it can be frustrating to those who are not able to hit around the sand bunkers, rocks, and water hazards.  Every time I’ve been to Fantasia Gardens and Fairways, I’ve had to wait for the Fairways course, because, like an actual golf course, enough people want to use it that Disney sets up tee times.  



Of the four Walt Disney World golf courses, Fantasia Fairways is my favorite.  It takes a lot of time to play, which means that, given the cost of each round, you get more for your dollar.  It takes some skill, which (as a former miniature golf course employee) I really enjoy.  It’s fun to play with my daughter, but I like courses that take some time to play, that aren’t simply hitting a ball through a windmill (although those are cool too).

For more information about these courses, as well as pricing, visit the official Walt Disney World site!


8 thoughts on “Walt Disney World miniature golf part 2 – Fantasia Gardens and Fairways

  1. I can barely play mini golf but would love to play one of the mini courses during our next trip. They look like so much fun

  2. This blog is awesome!! It gives great detail about the golf courses. This is a definite blog I would tell people to read. I wish I knew about this sooner 😃

  3. Love mini golf. Always hard to get myself to break away from the parks to go, but always love when I do.

  4. I do believe Fantasia Fairways is harder than the other ones at Blizzard Beach. I love how this course has different obstacles I haven’t seen before and I play a lot of mini-gof.

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