Favorite picture spots at Walt Disney World

It seems I have a problem: I am a picture taker.  I can take a hundred pictures a day when I’m on vacation (I once took 9,700 on a 3 and a half month trip!)…  I’ve been to Disney a number of times, and whenever I go there are certain places that I love to take pictures of (and certain places that I love to take pictures from, as well).  My wife pointed this out to me as we were looking through old trip photos: “Haven’t I seen that picture before?  Maybe one or two times before?”.

Even though I already have a picture of Spaceship Earth viewed through the Japanese Torii, I still take one every time I’m there.

450This one is from January 2008, my first trip with my wife!

hrough the Torii at night, January 2010

A view from further back in Japan , January 2013

 It was hard to choose just one set of pictures.  I have a LOT of Mount Everest in Animal Kingdom, the castle from Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, Splash Mountain from Frontierland, the Tower of Terror from Sunset Boulevard, the list goes on and on.

Are there places you always photograph, or places you love to take photographs from?  Share them in the comments below!



10 thoughts on “Favorite picture spots at Walt Disney World

  1. I always come home w/ Tree of Life, Castle fireworks, & food photos. The best photos are the ones where you measure your kids against a backdrop to see how much they’ve grown. Our favorite places to do that are the WL Disney characters totem pole, AKL Arusha Rock by the giraffe carving, Tree of Life sign, & any where else I can make them take a photo. It gets harder as they get older.

  2. My sister takes thousands of photos per trip. My favourite place to take photos in anywhere in Animal Kingdom. It’s so beautiful, with Everest or the Tree of Life in the background or focus.

    I also love taking photos with Spaceship Earth in the background from every possible angle. Love the photo of Spaceship in the Japanese Torii! A must do for next trip.

  3. I like some of the side angle shots of the castle you can get. Usually take them from off and left or off and right. I love Epcot for pictures though.

  4. I always take tons of pictures, no matter how many times I go. My first trip to DL, I took over 7000 pics in less than a week! I always take that japan/spaceship earth shot too. 😉 I’m always trying to find something different or a different angle to photograph of the typical things like the castle, but the typical shots happen of course!

  5. I used to take my camera out to the beach and watch the sunset. When I returned home I always had about 80 pictures to look through. Photography is a wonderful thing.

  6. Every trip I have to take a picture with the Blackbeard tombstone at the exit of the Haunted Mansion.. Why? Because it has my name (Abigail) in it! 🙂
    Other than that I take pictures of pretty much everything I see… There’s always a new angle or detail to find! Recently, I’ve loved shooting the Festival of Fantasy parade and the many beautiful views on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. My family complains every trip about how I take too many pictures of things, and not them!

  7. Of the thousands of pictures I take each trip, I think my favorites are of Mickey bars with different backgrounds. A nice soft bokeh and shiny new Mickey bar, the possibilities are endless!

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