$10 for 10 for 10 in 10

Yeah, that’s a strange title for a blog post.  But don’t worry, I’ll explain myself.

Over the next 10 days, I’ll be posting AT LEAST 10 times.  And at the end of the 10 days, I’ll pick 10 people to win $10 Disney gift cards.  Here’s how it works: For each of my posts, answer a question I ask, leave a comment, tell me how much you love (or hate) my blog.  Each entry you post on will count as one entry (meaning you can’t comment 200 times on this… only one comment per post over the 10 days).

So, it’s that simple.  10 people will each win a $10 Disney gift card!


8 thoughts on “$10 for 10 for 10 in 10

  1. It’s al quite curious to me but hey…..why not? The Blog is very unusual. The Orange Orlando CVB hosted a young couple for a year to Blog about central Florida.I know that no one has ever done Disney World before for any lenght of time. In the 2000 Millenium year we visited 264 days between all the 4 parks and water parks. I guess you can tell we are annual passholders. Love the place so much our home is 3 miles south of Disney.It’s just like our back yard and we visit some portion of it at least once per week. Hear the EPCOT fireworks so often we now can set or watches by them.
    Good luck with your project. Who knows if you can pull it off.

  2. Sounds like a plan! My 18 yo daughter was at Disneyland just yesterday with her cousin. First time she drove there on her own! I made her call me when she got there and when she left. Sad that they grow up so fast!!! 😉

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