Frozen: the Sing-A-Long

(image courtesy of Disney pictures)

   As you have probably heard, a new, sing-a-long version of Frozen has been released this weekend.  If you’re like me (maybe you don’t want to admit this out loud…), you may be thinking ‘this sounds really cool, but should I really go?’ or ‘They liked the movie when they saw it last month, but should I take my kids?’.  Well, I was able to chat with 20 year old Ashley Hawara (@disneylandlove), who just saw this movie yesterday.

   When talking about the atmosphere of the movie theater, Ashley had this to say: “There were mostly kids with parents, but there were also a lot of teenagers.  Everyone was loud, and I mean EVERYONE… It was amazing.  Parents joined too, which made me happy.  However, not only were they singing, they were reciting lines along with the characters.”

   In the sing-a-long version of the film, the lyrics to the songs are projected on the screen so that audience members can follow along, but Ashley made it sound like that might not have even been necessary.  She guessed that there were “many people who had seen the movie at least three times before this showing.”  Frozen’s soundtrack sales actually rose 7% this week, returning it to the number one spot on the billboards this week.  It has sold over 769,000 copies, and that number continues to rise.

   I asked Ashley if there were certain songs that were more or less popular, and she said that “the most popular song was Let It Go, but Do You Want To Build A Snowman was also a hit.”  She was impressed with the amount of people singing along during Kristoff’s song (Reindeer Are Better Than People), and said  that audience members were “not only singing, they were reciting lines along with the characters”.

   So how was the overall experience of attending the Frozen sing-a-long?  “It was a great experience.  I encourage everyone to go!”

You can follow Ashley on twitter: @disneylandlove

(image available here)

To purchase the original motion picture soundtrack (32 tracks) on Amazon, click HERE. $11.49 for mp3, $11.88 for a CD

To purchase the deluxe soundtrack (59 tracks, including outtakes, demos and Karaoke) on Amazon by clicking HERE. $18.99 for mp3, $14.88 for a CD AND the mp3 versions.


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