What an exciting day it must have been…

Exactly forty-eight years ago today, in 1965, Walt and Roy Disney held a press conference along with the governor of Florida, officially announcing a huge project that was in the works… Walt Disney World.  Site preparation began about two years later, in the fall of 1967, and took roughly four years to complete, with the Magic Kingdom opening in October of 1971.

YouTube video of the press conference

If the Disney company were holding a press conference today, in 2013, to make a major announcement about the future, what would most excite you?  A new Disney park in CA, FL, or elsewhere?  A new land coming to one of the parks?  And if you could build a Disney theme park anywhere in the world, where would you choose, and what theme would go with it?  A history-based amusement park on the east coast?  A winter wonderland in the mountains of Utah?  

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!