I’m going to Haiti!


Sorry for the lack of updates… life has been a bit crazy recently.    This will be a not-really-Disney post, but I wanted to share a little bit of what I’m up to.

I leave in five days to Haiti!  I will be going with ten other people to a small mountain village (called “Jabouin”) to help begin work on a primary school.  We’ll head there and work for four or five days, and then locals will continue work until another group heads out in November, and a third group in January or February.  Very excited to travel and do some great work for others.  I think Haiti will be the 30th country I’ve been to… 

USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Korea, China, Viet Nam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, India, Egypt, Turkey, Croatia, Spain, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Vatican City, Netherlands, Israel, Cyprus, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa, Lesotho… and soon Haiti!

And, a surprise update, to bring it back to Walt Disney World – I don’t know exactly when I’ll be heading down, but I made reservations to head to WDW in December and January.  I’ll be co-writing a paper with my father that will be presented at the Clute Institute, which is meeting at the Boardwalk Inn from January 2-4 of 2014.   Because of this conference, they offer a conference rate (which happens to be the value season conference rate).  To make thing even better, they extend the rate for about 5 days before and after – meaning, I got a conference rate at a Deluxe hotel, extended back to December 28th!!!  I won’t say what I’ll be paying, but over just the 5 days from December 28 – January 1, I will be paying about 2,400 less than the regular room rate (if you want to do the math, you can).   WOOHOO!!!!


(this image is publicly available here)



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