I’m going to Haiti!


Sorry for the lack of updates… life has been a bit crazy recently.    This will be a not-really-Disney post, but I wanted to share a little bit of what I’m up to.

I leave in five days to Haiti!  I will be going with ten other people to a small mountain village (called “Jabouin”) to help begin work on a primary school.  We’ll head there and work for four or five days, and then locals will continue work until another group heads out in November, and a third group in January or February.  Very excited to travel and do some great work for others.  I think Haiti will be the 30th country I’ve been to… 

USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Korea, China, Viet Nam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, India, Egypt, Turkey, Croatia, Spain, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Vatican City, Netherlands, Israel, Cyprus, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa, Lesotho… and soon Haiti!

And, a surprise update, to bring it back to Walt Disney World – I don’t know exactly when I’ll be heading down, but I made reservations to head to WDW in December and January.  I’ll be co-writing a paper with my father that will be presented at the Clute Institute, which is meeting at the Boardwalk Inn from January 2-4 of 2014.   Because of this conference, they offer a conference rate (which happens to be the value season conference rate).  To make thing even better, they extend the rate for about 5 days before and after – meaning, I got a conference rate at a Deluxe hotel, extended back to December 28th!!!  I won’t say what I’ll be paying, but over just the 5 days from December 28 – January 1, I will be paying about 2,400 less than the regular room rate (if you want to do the math, you can).   WOOHOO!!!!


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Disney blogs

I listen to a number of Disney blogs, and today, I wanted to just write a short blurb about each one that I have on my phone.   I am SURE that there are many others out there that I’ll miss, and you are very welcome to leave a comment with the ones I missed.  As I learn what’s out there, I’m sure I’ll find more that I’ll need to add to my playlist.



The Dis Life
This is a pretty new podcast: as of the writing of this post, there are two episodes.  David Hodges and his daughter Danielle chat about various aspects of the parks.  I like it because it feels like a fun family thing that I would love to be able to do with my daughter in the future (yeah… she’s not even 2 yet…).  They also blog on their website.
 There are 2 episodes as of writing this post.
www.thedislife.com or on twitter: @thedislife and @dizlifedaughter


Modern Mouse Radio
Josh Taylor started this site in September, 2012 after writing for WDW radio.  Articles, videos, blog posts, the podcast, etc.
 There are 27 episodes, as well as content on the website all about Disney.
www.modernmouseradio.com or on twitter: @ModernMouseJosh


Disney Hipster Podcast
I’ll be honest, some of the podcasts I listen to are a bit… different.  This is one of those.  I’m not sure if I like it or not, but I listen to it. 🙂  Do you have any like that?  The show critiques the aesthetic choices of the Disney company.  It has an E rating do to occasional language.
 There are 66 episodes as of writing this post.
www.disneyhipsters.com or on twitter: @DisneyHipsters


Special Mouse
Special Mouse podcast is hosted by Kathy Kelly, an RN who discusses the parks and how people with special needs can access them.  ‘Special needs’ includes physical, mental, social disorders, as well as dietary special needs, traveling with infants and toddlers, and even traveling if you are really tall (yes, I was on this show: episode 10).  There are 11 episodes as of writing this post.
www.specialmouse.com or on twitter: @SpecialMousePod


Be Our Guest Podcast
They call themselves the Walt Disney World trip planning podcast, and have episodes that are usually around 30 minutes long and full of helpful information.  In June, BOGP had a 12 hour long live show, and was able to raise over $9,000 for Give Kids The World.  Pretty cool!
 There are 594 episodes as of writing this post.
www.beourguestpodcast.podbean.com and www.beourguestpodcast.blogspot.com or on twitter: @BeOurGuestMike


Mr. Frank’s Wild Ride
Frank and Chris host this show, which includes news, park tips, music, and lots of guests (yours truly some time, perhaps).
 There are 67 episodes as of writing this post
www.mrfrankswildrides.com or on twitter: @MrFranksWldRide or Frank @DisneyFrankness and Chris @WDW_Toffer


Mickey Mutineers
This podcast calls itself “The Wibbly Wobbly, Offiicially Unofficial, Wildly Inaccurate yet Dead Nuts On Disney Blog”.  Hosted by Jake, Josh, Matt and Tim, they cover all sorts of news topics, reviews, and information, in a way that makes you feel like you’re hanging out with a bunch of college buddies (complete with very inappropriate jokes), and has an E rating for explicit language and content.
 There are 34 episodes as of writing this post.
www.mickeymutineers.com or on twitter: @MickeyMutineers 

Inside the Magic
Hosted by Ricky Brigante, this is the longest running Disney and theme park podcast, going all the way back to April 13th, 2005.  His website has videos, photos, news, and much more.  He covers Walt Disney World, as well as Disneyland and the … other parks… (that maybe begin with Uni, Sea and Busch…).
 There are 437 episodes as of writing this post.
www.insidethemagic.net or on twitter: @InsideTheMagic


Radio Harambe
Radio Harambe is a fairly new podcast that focuses mostly on the happenings of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  David McBride and “Safari Mike” (that may indeed be his real name) discuss news, updates, information and rumors surrounding the park and the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  They are also dedicated to conservation and wildlife.
 There are 7 episodes as of writing this post.
www.jamboeveryone.com or on twitter: @RadioHarambe and @JamboEveryone


Hosts Bob Coller and Tim Scott attempt to help make sure that your next trip to Walt Disney World will be memorable and fun.  They want to be thought of as ‘personal travel guides’ who are here to help others make the most of their first trip, or learn new things for a repeat visit.
 There are 54 episodes as of writing this post.
www.resortloop.com or on twitter: @ResortLoop or @ResortLoopBob and @ResortLoopTim


Disney Film Project
Ryan Kilpatrick, Todd and Cheryl Perlmutter and others take you through an incredible list of Disney movies (and movies made by Disney owned subsidiaries Touchstone, Pixar, etc), from new films to old classics, to some you may have never heard of, and wouldn’t want to.  They give their honest opinions, however harsh or loving.
 There are 139 episodes as of writing this post.
www.disneyfilmproject.com or on twitter: @disfilmproject


WDW today
WDW today is hosted by Matt Hochberg, Mike Newell, Mike Scopa and Len Testa, each of whom has many other projects they are a part of, including websites, internet radio, and touring plans.  There are a huge number of these 20-30 minute podcasts, which are released several times a week.
 There are 1,238 episodes as of writing this post.
www.WDWtoday.com or on twitter: @WDWtodaypodcast


WDW Radio
This is the first podcast I started listening to in recent years, and as I’ve kept up-to-date I’ve also attempted to listen to back episodes.  I currently have 60 left to completely be caught up.  Host Lou Mongello has top 10 lists, special guests, interviews with Disney CMs, history with Jim Korkis, round table discussions, and a live weekly news and rumors update.  The episodes are very thorough (ie: long), usually running from 1 to 2 hours.
 There are 334 episodes (plus news updates and videos) as of writing this post.
www.wdwradio.com or on twitter: @wdwradio or @LouMongello



Do YOU listen to any of these?  Are there others out there that I should check out?  Check a few out, and then leave a comment below!