The Hong Kong Castle


(This photo is publicly available here)

Hong Kong Disneyland opened its doors in April of 2005, the most recent park to open.  The castle is a near match to the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland – 77 feet tall, with a very similar style and look.  However, designers, in an effort to connect with their mostly Chinese audience, brought in elements of Feng Shui, changing a few areas, as well as pathways to different lands in the park.





(construction photos copyright Disney)




(This image is publicly available here)

For Hong Kong Disneyland’s 5th anniversary (yup, in 2010), Tinker Bell was introduced to the park, and in her honor, the castle was to be Tinker Bell’s Castle.  For the year, Tinkerbell’s decorations remained.  The castle is now the Sleeping Beauty Castle again, which is fitting, since it is a copy of the one at Disneyland.  The biggest difference you’ll notice between the castles if you visit both parks is that on Lantau Island, Hong Kong, there are mountains in the background.

 Have you ever dreamed of going to the Disney resorts around the world?  Which would you rather visit, Paris, Toyko, or Hong Kong?  Leave your answer in the comments below!



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