The Disney Castles


Probably the most well known and definitely the most photographed structures at the Disney parks are the castles.  As you walk in, the five Disney castles are waiting for you down Main Streets all across the world (or after the World Bazaar in Tokyo), and a sixth is being built at this moment.

But what made Walt Disney want to build a castle in the center of his theme park?  Why are the Disney castles several different sizes around the world?  Was there one castle that specifically inspired the castles?  

Over the next week, I’ll talk specifically about each of the six Disney castles: the original in Disneyland, the tallest in Walt Disney World, the first overseas castle in Tokyo, the ‘most realistic’ in Disneyland Paris, the most recent in Hong Kong, and what will be the newest, tallest and most interactive castle in Shanghai.

Stay tuned for new posts this entire week!


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