Okay, no Kickstarter…

I didn’t read all of the instructions for Kickstarter before applying…  It seems that you can crowd source the actual production of a project (ex: writing a book), but not the research behind it (a year at Walt Disney World).  Time to get back to the drawing boards and figure out where I’m going to come up with funds.    

Any rich millionaires out there want to make a guy and his family’s dream come true? 🙂



5 thoughts on “Okay, no Kickstarter…

  1. Maybe you can appeal to Disney to foot some of the bill, you could write a blog for them chronicling your adventures each day. Sure it’s a bit of a sell out, but then again, you’re going to spend a whole year at Disney after all.

    If they don’t go for it right away make sure to contact them again after you’re down there and have gone to the parks everyday for a few months or two. That way they’ll know you are serious about doing this and they aren’t risking sponsoring someone who is going to give up after a few weeks.

    They may go for it, but don’t count on it. I vaguely remember something about someone going everyday for a year at Disneyland you may want to check out what they did (although in their case I think they were unemployed, had annual passes, and lived in immediate the area).

    • Part of the plan was to not be paid in any way by Disney… I figure there are Disney employees who are there 5 days a week and may go on weekends, but to be a non-Disney employee who goes 365 days in a row would be more of a feat.

      However, if they were willing to treat me to nights in different hotels or meals at different restaurants, knowing I’d write about them and review them… I’d be okay with that…

      Last year, two people went to Disneyland every day for a year. An unemployed couple in their mid-late 40s. They did find work part way through the year, but decided to continue going every single day for a year.

  2. I had a similar issue with Kickstarter and decided to just open up a non-profit paypal account. So far it’s been OK. I’ve made about 200$ but it is better than nothing, and everyone has Paypal. I see you have some sort of donation thing so you’ve got it figured out! As for finding people to donate… that’s the age old problem. HA!

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