The HOW of going to Walt Disney World

Why now?

At this moment, my wife and I have jobs that we very much enjoy, but are not permanent.  The school district we work for is pretty great, and we would be able to take off for one year and probably find similar jobs if so desired (and I will eventually be a musical teacher, vocal emphasis).  My wife and I have a daughter who is just over a year and a half, and another child on the way.  For the next few years, neither of them will have to be in school, and children under the age of 3 get into Disney parks for free, so this seems to be the perfect time.

Where to stay?

I’ve called Disney agents a number of times (they are very helpful, and all seem to think this 365 Days At Disney idea is great), but there are no cheap places to stay on property for one full year.  The least expensive is a tent site, but at roughly $60 a night in the off season, it would cost $22,000 (but I don’t think I’d have a very happy family living in a tent).  And unless I win the lottery in the next few months, I won’t be able to resort hop, as cool as that sounds.  So most likely, we would rent an apartment somewhere near Disney World, or find a gracious WordPress reader who would like to let out their house for 12 months.  “Hey honey, renting an apartment in Orlando is cheaper than sleeping in a tent”. 🙂

The only thing keeping us from moving to Orlando tomorrow is how to pay for one year in the happiest place on Earth.  We’ve talked about taking out a loan (I sure hope my super amazing, gracious, wonderful parents are reading this), and we’ve talked about starting a Kickstarter page.  We would absolutely love to be able to go based on the generosity of others, and think it would make for a really great story… but we’re also trying to be realistic.

I am awaiting verification from Kickstarter, but have filled out everything I need for a project to begin.  The first goal is $3,000.  I’ll put a link in once everything is a go.

Do YOU have ideas on how to raise enough money to spend 365 Days At Disney?  I’d be happy to hear from you!


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