Why Walt Disney World?

Dear Wife,

From my first trip, I’ve been fascinated with the World.  I remember my first trip as a child, thinking that there was something magical about what was going on.  As I went more times, my fascinations increased.  I knew that there were people behind the masks, and cast members working hard to create the magic I experienced, and I wondered what it was like for them to work in the Disney environment.  As I grew older, I became more and more interested in the history of Walt Disney World, and of course Walt Disney himself.  

What better way to help satisfy my curiosities about the people, the company, and the man who started such an important part of my life than to spend one year at the parks themselves.  I have tried several times to create goals and set a list of possible accomplishments to aim for during my 365 day at Disney, but the more I think about it, the more I’d like to let the people and the parks themselves guide my year of discovery.  I don’t want to put blinders on and focus on one specific thing, rather, I’d like to be able to dive in head first, and when I see new possibilities, follow them, whichever direction they lead.

So why Walt Disney World?  Disney has a place in my heart.  Seeing the castle on my first trip to Florida, spending time with family and friends, watching your face as you and I experienced Wishes together for the first time, hugging you as we stood in the finishers area for our first ever marathon, imagining the joy on my children’s faces when they make their first excursion to the park.  

What will a year at Walt Disney World bring?  That is for us to discover, together.



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