Teaching my Toddler

My wife and I have a 20 month old daughter, Rya, and another child on the way.  At our home, we have a TV, and we watch movies, but we don’t have cable (I know, crazy, right?).  Our daughter knows who the Fab Five are because of books we read, but has never really seen any Disney TV shows (other than the occasional Jake and the Never Land Pirates when at Grandma’s house).

I was thinking about ways of slowly introducing her to different Disney characters, so that when she goes to Walt Disney World for the first time, she won’t be scared by a giant mouse or pirate or fairy walking around.  Today, we sat down and looked at pictures from other trips my wife and I have taken to Disney, and Rya was most excited about her favorite new word: castle.  The last four trips have been when the Cinderella’s castle has been decked out in holiday lights, and every picture that came up with us in it, she’d say “mommy, daddy, oo pretty castle”.  Two of the trips have also been during record cold (really, it CANImage snow in Orlando…)

For any readers who have young kids, or are thinking about having young kids, or don’t have young kids but want to share their opinions anyway: When would you first go with children, or when did you first go with children?  Do you remember your first trip to Walt Disney World?   Please leave a comment below, and share the blog to others if you feel so inclined!


2 thoughts on “Teaching my Toddler

  1. I have little stuff animals for my kids. Also when you actually meet characters for the first time and your child seems nervous try engaging with the character your self. Give them high fives or hugs, then start your kids off step by step. Ask them to wave to the character or high five them. Slowly but surely your child will become friends with the characters.

    • Alexandra, those sound like some great ideas. When we took our daughter to see Santa Claus for the first time (she was just over a year old) she was not too happy about it… She absolutely loves high fives though.

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