365 Days At Disney

For years I’ve loved Walt Disney World. As a kid, I always wanted to go there. As a young adult, I wanted to work there. And now, I’ve had the crazy idea to spend 365 days in a row at the park. That’s right, 365 days in a row. Sunshine or rain, hot days or cold, great weather or hurricanes. I would love to spend at least one hour (but most likely many more) each day, learning about the history, the magic, the parks and the people that make up the Walt Disney World resort. I will be creating a Kickstarter account shortly in an effort to outsource costs and create more outside interest in this wild idea. Perhaps a new WordPress account as well, with a more exact title, like 365DisneyDays.wordpress.com.

The plan is to blog every day about an event at the park: perhaps a story about a guest or cast member, perhaps an attraction or food review, or something new that I’ve learned on a particular day.
I will soon be figuring out some general logistics. Has this ever been done before? How much will it cost? Will my wife be extremely upset by this strange midlife crisis/moment of clarity her husband is having? Stay tuned to find out!


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