Finding contacts and resources

Now that my wife and daughter are here with me, we’ve been chatting about what we’d need to do before and during a year long trip to Walt Disney World, as well as how we’d go about doing it.  It’s been a fun distraction from the work I’m currently up to, but also brings up an interesting (and very important) thought – what is the best way to reach the masses?  What is the best way to share what I’m doing with the most amount of people?

Currently, I have this blog, which I’m writing in every few days, and which will be used every day once the 365 Days starts.  I’ve started a Facebook page (, and a twitter account ( which, if you’ll note, is different from everything else.  The account I wanted was already taken (and has been suspended, may be released in the future).  If anyone reading has ideas on how to spread myself out across the web a bit more, gain more followers, etc, please feel free to comment and let me know.

I have a number of friends who are fans of Disney and know a good deal about life in Florida, and I’ve been picking their brains with questions about living in Orlando, traveling to the park more frequently than my once a year and what they think of this crazy idea.  If you have any comments, or questions, e-mail me or post the comments here, and I’ll respond to every one I receive.

Thanks for reading,

   Wes Snyder


“We keep moving…


“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” -Walt Disney

Going to Walt Disney World for 365 consecutive days is definitely doing something different from the norm.  In my talks with friends, family, several Disney employees, and Guinness Book of World Records, I have not been able to find anything out about consecutive days at a theme park.  Several people have spent a year at Disneyland in California, but I have not heard anything about Walt Disney World.  (If you know, please comment or send me an e-mail, because I’m very curious!)  I’m not planning this year-long trip because I want to break any records, I am doing it because I simply want to see as much of Disney as I can, in as many different ways as I can.  Whether it’s hot or cold, sunny or raining, crowded or empty, my plan is to be in a park every single day. 

What will I see, who will I meet, what will I learn over 365 days?  On this blog, I’ll share updates daily (with weekly recaps), give holiday information, post pictures, food reviews, ride reviews, as well as interesting stories about the history, the characters, the cast, and the guests I’m able to meet.

Getting things prepped for possibilities

Alright, I have this blog, I have an e-mail address (, but when I went to Twitter I tried to get the same name, and it was taken (and suspended).  Instead, I have (instead of AT).  I’ll find out about changing it later in order to get everything synched.  Next up: Instagram and a few other social media sites…

365 Days At Disney

For years I’ve loved Walt Disney World. As a kid, I always wanted to go there. As a young adult, I wanted to work there. And now, I’ve had the crazy idea to spend 365 days in a row at the park. That’s right, 365 days in a row. Sunshine or rain, hot days or cold, great weather or hurricanes. I would love to spend at least one hour (but most likely many more) each day, learning about the history, the magic, the parks and the people that make up the Walt Disney World resort. I will be creating a Kickstarter account shortly in an effort to outsource costs and create more outside interest in this wild idea. Perhaps a new WordPress account as well, with a more exact title, like

The plan is to blog every day about an event at the park: perhaps a story about a guest or cast member, perhaps an attraction or food review, or something new that I’ve learned on a particular day.
I will soon be figuring out some general logistics. Has this ever been done before? How much will it cost? Will my wife be extremely upset by this strange midlife crisis/moment of clarity her husband is having? Stay tuned to find out!