365 Days of Kitchen Sinks

sin584232LARGE(Picture from the Walt Disney World website)

If you were to eat a kitchen sink (okay, if your group of family or friends) every single day for an entire year…

It would cost:
$11,263.90 (including tax)
$13,291.40 (including tax and an 18% gratuity)

You would eat:
11.4 gallons of hot fudge topping
11.4 gallons of peanut butter topping
11.4 gallons of butterscotch topping
365 bananas
365 cinnamon spice cupcakes
365 angel food cake cupcakes
Ice Cream Freezer Room
(image found here)
22.8 gallons of vanilla ice cream
22.8 gallons of chocolate ice cream
22.8 gallons of strawberry ice cream
11.4 gallons of mint chocolate chip ice cream
11.4 gallons of coffee ice cream
4.28 gallons of chocolate syrup
(image found here)
5.7 gallons of marshmallow crème
5.7 gallons of strawberry topping
5.7 gallons of pineapple topping
319.4 pounds of dairy whipped topping
(image found here)
91.25 square feet of brownies (365 brownies)
45.625 pounds of candy bars (365 candy bars)
1,460 chocolate cookies with cream filling
1.4 gallons of toasted almonds
1.4 gallons of dark and white chocolate shavings
1.4 gallons of chocolate cookie (crushed)
(image found here)
1.4 gallons of jellied oranges (730 slices)
1.4 gallons of mint chocolate chips
1.4 gallons of peanut butter chips
1.4 gallon of chocolate sprinkles
1.4 gallons of rainbow sprinkles
01lensNYC.480(image found here)
11.4 gallons of maraschino cherries

Haunted Mansion Halloween event

I had a dream a few weeks ago that, when I awoke from it, had felt so real, I knew I’d need to write it down on the blog.  It’s taken me a little bit of time, but here it is!

(image found on the Walt Disney World website)

The Haunted Mansion Halloween event will be a seasonal dinner show offered in the months of September and October.  On each night of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (32 nights), there will be a separately ticketed dinner show available in the Magic Kingdom.

10977560946_333dacc65a_b(photo by Brett Kiger, found here)

Guests will receive an invitation to attend the wedding of Constance Hatchaway and her fiancé, which will change each week to encourage more merchandise opportunities.  Having different would-be husbands also adds to the repeatability factor of the event.  Guests will want to see how each wedding changes from week to week in their themes, the music, dancing, food, etc.


The dinner itself will take place in a ballroom, set up as closely as possible to Disney’s ballroom from the Haunted Mansion, that is built adjacent to the current ride building, so guests truly feel like they are walking into the attraction.  Live actors will perform music, dance for the dining guests in period costumes, and after the food has been collected, will encourage guests to come up onstage (on the ballroom floor) and interact with them.  Two actors will even reenact the duel from the paintings above the ballroom.

Of course, this was all a dream, but Disney Imagineers, if you decide to add this to the Magic Kingdom, give me a call and I’ll let you know more details.  🙂






Disney Vacation Club

Over the past few weeks and months, my family has made the decision to buy in to the Disney Vacation Club.  We have purchased 150 points at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.


What is Disney Vacation Club?

Disney Vacation Club, or DVC, is a timeshare.  People have a negative attitude about the term “timeshare” though, so Disney calls it a vacation club, which definitely sounds much nicer.  When you buy points, your points can be used at any Disney Vacation Club resort.  You pick when you want to go, what type of room you want to stay in, and what type of a view you’d like.


Why buy Disney Vacation Club?

We looked at how many times we’ve been to Walt Disney World in the past 10 years (nine times!), and how much we’d spent on lodging for each of those vacations.  We know that in the future, we’d like to keep going every other year or more, and because of that, Disney Vacation Club makes sense.


What are the REAL costs?

Disney is selling point at the Polynesian Village Resort (Walt Disney World) and at Aulani (in Hawaii).  Points are currently $168 each.  Meaning, if you buy in at 150 points, you’ll be paying $25,200.  If you have the cash up front, you end up getting each year’s vacation for about $500, plus the annual dues of $900.   $1,400 a year might sound like a lot, but when you know that it’s for a week at a deluxe resort, for just about the cost of a value, that’s pretty great.

Now, if you decide to pay over 10 years with Disney financing, you end up paying 12.5% interest, so an extra $15,000.  TIP: PAY IT OFF AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN!


What does that mean, though?

The cost per point, over 50 years, ends up being about $9.40 each.  Staying at a deluxe studio at the Animal Kingdom for a week in January would cost 68 points, or about $640 dollars.  A two bedroom suite in January is as low as 185 points, or about $1,740.  Pretty great considering 9 people can stay there and it includes a living room, dining, full kitchen, and washer and dryer.


Disney Powerball

A lot of people in the past week have been talking about the Powerball lottery, which had a jackpot of $900,000,000 and was then raised to around $1,500,000,000 (yes, that’s 1.5 billion!)  Because many people have been talking about it, I decided to bring a few questions to my Twitter account (365DaysOfDisney).

This week on Twitter, I asked the following question: If you were to win a few million dollars (or more) in the lottery, how would you spend it at the Disney parks?  I received a number of really interesting and differing responses, some of them using the hashtag “DisneyPowerball”.

Some of your responses
Most followers said that they’d want to purchase either a home in Golden Oak, Disney’s million dollar neighborhood, or Disney Vacation Club points.  So I did some research.

Disney Springs Kimball

Golden Oak currently has four homes available for purchase, ranging from $1,899,000 to $2,999,000, or if you don’t mind waiting, you can build your own custom Disney home.  Golden Oak has four neighborhoods: Marceline, Carolwood, Silverbrook and Kimball Terrace.  There are special perks to living there, like having a concierge able to book travel, tee times, dining reservations, and even in-home catered events.

Polynesian Bungalow

The Disney Vacation Club is Disney’s worst “Best-Kept Secret”: everyone seems to know about it.  Many potential Powerball winners would like to own points for the time share.  When I contacted a DVC specialist this evening, I found that Disney has limited the amount of points you can own at any one resort to 4,000, and a grand total of 9,000 in all of the resorts.  With banking, a person could use 12,000 points every three years at one resort, and Disney doesn’t want anyone to be able to monopolize the resorts.  That being said, 4,000 points at Disney’s  Polynesian Village Resort would cost $672,000 (plus closing costs), and have annual dues of $24,320.  Of course, if you have millions of dollars, that’s not too bad.

Once in Orlando, a lot of respondents said they’d love to take the backstage Disney tours, eat at whatever restaurants they wanted without worrying about the cost (Victoria and Albert’s, anyone?), and buy any souvenirs they want.

Give Kids The World

Give Kids The World also had some responses, with a few people saying that they’d love to give millions to the non-profit organization that helps “fulfill the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses”.  Give Kids The World is located a short distance from Disney and does amazing things for kids and their families, giving them a place to stay, food, trips to the parks, in-resort entertainment, etc.  (you can follow them on Twitter here)

AK Presidential Suite.jpg

My response
If I were to win millions of dollars, I would definitely spend a good amount at Walt Disney World.  My ultimate dream is to spend 365 consecutive days at Walt Disney World.  With a local apartment and conservative financial choices, I’ve priced this out at around $42,000.  But if I had lots of money?  I’d buy a house nearby, and on weekends, try different Disney resorts out.  Royal Asante Presidential Suite at Animal Kingdom? Don’t mind if I do.  Doing every behind-the-scenes tour? Sounds great!  Rent a yacht for the fireworks and have a private dinner on-board? Sign me up!

I also asked one other question: If the Disney parks were to offer a Disney lottery, which had prizes like one night in the castle, a week’s vacation, unlimited fastpasses, a signature dining package, Disney gift cards, etc, would you buy tickets?  Disney had their “Year Of A Million Dreams”, which gave out prizes, but would you be willing to pay for a chance to win something special?  A lot of people said yes.  Although Disney’s prices have gone up and up and up, people are still willing to spend a few extra dollars if they have a chance to win something incredible.

So, how would you spend your money at Walt Disney World if you had millions? Leave your response in the comments below!


Blog Topic Ideas

While I’m not able to write much this summer (it’s hard not having a computer), please follow me on Twitter: @365daysofdisney to chat, ask questions, interact, etc.

Topics that will be posted this summer/fall:

Trail’s End Buffet review
Bringing Young Ones to Disney
Fort Wilderness Cabins
How to Beat the Heat at Walt Disney World
The Future of Hollywood Studios
When’s the Best Time to Go To Walt Disney World?
DVC – Is it Really Worth It?

What topics would you like to see talked about in an upcoming post?

Summer posts

I am in New York this summer with my family.  My laptop, however, is in South Dakota.  Posting on WordPress won’t be easy, but I have a lot of post ideas, pictures and information to share from our trip to Walt a Disney World three weeks ago!

Here’s hoping the iPad wordpress app works.

  (My daughter’s favorite ride: the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train)

Walt Disney World

I haven’t updated this in a long time. But, summer is here, we’re at Walt Disney Worle right now, and I’m taking lots of pictures to post for articles written over the course of the summer. 

Please check back over the next few months for some new and exciting posts!